Truck as the partner of the work

When it is a big characteristic of this Canter that is adopted, refined under-seat engine-style overturning the rustic image to have of the truck from the root may say.
In addition, a step is extensive, and there is a feeling of opening because an instrument panel shift is adopted for a Canter used truck.
Furthermore, as far as the Canter is glad of realizing superior ride comfort not to think with the truck for duties because the good seat including the structure is adopted.
In any case, the Canter that plays an active part as a fire engine or a mobile TV broadcast vehicle only as a truck for duties by being proud of completeness very high.
How about this Canter one as a partner of your (you) work?
I should certainly become the best partner.
Even if the truck is too hard even if suspension is too soft, it seems to be uncomfortable. The new Canter was a thing called the most suitable car in a compact car at the point. There is the ardent Canter fan who did not look on a Canter person line, other trucks.